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Paid Online Marketing: Google Adwords

Not getting the best results in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines? Finding it hard to compete for traffic on the web? You should look into Google Adwords (http://adwords.google.com).

Google Adwords is a Google application that allows you to create marketing campaigns that will allow you to be found via their “Sponsors” section to the right of the regular search engine results. Basically, you create an ad that has a title, description, and a link to your site…you then place bids on keywords. For example, Loadsys would bid on “Chicago Web Design”. You place bids on a per click basis for these keywords. Scared of getting too many clicks above your budget? Google allows you to set daily limits on your campaigns.

After your campaign has been running for a week or so, Google then allows you to go in and run a “Campaign Optimizer”. This feature basically evaluates your keywords and their corresponding bids and tells you what you should increase the bid to to get your campaign on the first page of results. Basically, this tool allows you to check up on competitors and see how you can scoot ahead of them.

Loadsys uses Google Adwords and has received a good amount of business across the nation because of it.

Later is this newsletter we will discuss Google’s other tool, “Google Analytics”, which ties in with Google Adwords. Google Analytics is a site traffic analysis tool.

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