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Core Styling With Blueprint

Being more of a developer myself, moving into doing more xhtml/css has been a strange yet fun adventure.  Learning everything about styling elements to building layouts was not my thing.  I still have trouble building layouts.  I’m not a designer nor understand the ins and outs of all browsers and hacks/methods to getting around those issues.

As a developer, you always think to work off frameworks or libraries.  For example, we use the CakePHP framework and we have written numerous of libraries to speed up development.  No sense in re-inventing the wheel.   Well, why can’t this be the same with CSS?  It sort of can.

Bring in Blueprint, a set of core styles that gives you a basic style to most important elements of your site…in addition has “Grid” features to more easily layout content for the semi-inexperienced designers or interested developer.   I’m not saying, Bam!, the designer is not needed anymore because by all means I have no idea how they do what they do, but here I, as a developer can see things more presentable that I’m working on with less work.  Also, if I assist in inserting/formatting/styling content, it is now somewhat of a breeze because most of the time I just have styles that I can modify a little bit and be on my way.

In addition, getting content into nice columnar format is easy with the grid, and using Kamatzy’s Blueprint Grid Generator you can get the site width you want with the column sizes you want with ease.  One thing not available currently for Blueprint is the ability to do fluid width layouts.  I hear they are coming out with this in a future release however.

In the end, as web designers/developers, we are always looking at ways to be more efficient.  Time is of course money and streamlining all facets of a project will make things go smoother for all parties.  Blueprint helps us achieve that.

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